Pranayama and Meditation

I invite you to a rejuvenating and relaxing class of Pranayama and Meditation to discover the balance between body, mind and spirit. The breathing is a very powerful tool to enhance the immune system and that is why Masters from all over the world and also other well known people like Stig Severinsen are using this tool to become stronger, awake and with more life force.
Pranayama is the practice of controlling the breath and hereby controlling your emotions and your mind.
Working with the breath is working with all your ''bodies'': physical, mental, emotional and energetic.
Pranayama rejuvenates your physical body. This process helps you to control the amount of thoughts, making room for the emotions to pass freely and guides the energy so beautifully where it's needed.

In this process we will put attention on:
• Learning how to breathe properly,
• Bringing harmony between body, mind and spirit,
• Observing yourself,
• Staying anchored in the present moment and nurture yourself,
• Activating and guiding your life energy.

All this will enhance your immune system and prepare it for the winter period, it will also benefit your daily emotional state, sleeping patterns and the ability to handle stressful situations. It will also bring more awareness and help you to stay present in your meditation.
Pranayama is a very strong tool to reduce stress and anxiety. On top of that, your body will produce red blood cells, which are carrying oxygen to muscles, organs and skin. All of this gives you a tremendous boost in your health system: you will look younger, become stronger and have more vitality in your every day life.
When we do Pranayama, we create an opening in the physical body and also the mind. I will use this window to guide you into a healing process from inside-out through meditation.

Please bring comfortable clothes, yoga matt and pillow, napkins. 



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